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I’m lucky to be married to my sweetheart of nearly 20 years, be a mother to three amazing kids, and live in one of the best places in America (near Fort Collins, Colorado). It would be an idyllic life if I could lose 10 pounds, have as much confidence in my parenting as I do in my professional abilities, and gracefully accept that not everyone possesses common sense!

Yeah, I admit it: I have a boring practical side. In fact, I actually majored in business with an emphasis in accounting at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating cum laude, I went on to obtain my CPA license and work as an accountant and auditor for more than eight years. I was very good at it, but accounting doesn’t exactly leave a lot of room for creativity (if you play by the rules, anyway).

After I left accounting, I spent most of my time as an at-home mom to Jared (now 13), Kyle (12), and Paisley (8), while keeping a foot in the working world by turning my talent for copyediting into a part-time job.

In 2006, I gave myself permission to indulge my long-suppressed creative side, and I’ve been writing ever since. Several years ago I added resumes to my writing repertoire (becoming professionally certified in 2010). Now I also write fiction and manage a website about fairy-themed books.

When I’m not being alternately amazed or frustrated by my kids, challenged by writing and editing work, and pulled in a dozen other directions at once, I do enjoy some occasional free time. I use it to bake, read, scrapbook, work on family history, sew, cross-stitch, walk and go bike-riding. I love living close to the mountains, and enjoy hiking, long drives, four-wheeling, and camping. My family and I travel often throughout Colorado, Utah, and other western states.



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