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Before I get into why I’d make a good writer for your freelance project, let me touch on what I love about this field.

First of all, I love learning. Writing is a great way to become familiar with a lot of different subjects, and to talk to a wide variety of people about their experiences, knowledge, or opinions.

Second, I like the challenge of putting information together in a logical and informative way. However, putting words on the page isn’t enough to satisfy me; I want my written words to do more than earn a check. My overriding goal as a writer is to provide captivating content – the kind readers want to clip out and save, or that they can't stop thinking about.

I also enjoy providing my editors with well-crafted and targeted articles. I take pride in my work, and feel immensely satisfied when I know I’ve done my job well.

When you contract me to write for you, you can rest assured I’ll deliver what I’ve promised, when I’ve promised. And because I’ve got an eye for catching errors (see my copyediting page), you’ll receive clean copy with no distracting typos.

At the moment, business, travel, and interesting people are some of my favorite topics. I’ve written dozens of articles on these and other subjects. Check out my clips page for samples of my writing.

Please contact me if I can answer any questions about my work.


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