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In case you’re not convinced I’d do a great job for you by the brilliant persuasive copy on my writing page, I’ll share some comments below that I’ve received from some of my editors and interviewees about the dozens of articles I’ve written. 


“Great job with this woman. I’ve got to tell you, the lead and second paragraph broke several of my own personal rules – never put a quote in the lead, don’t rush to the “punch line” of the story too quickly – but the story was so compelling and well-written I couldn’t change it. Good job.” – magazine editor 

“Thank you so much for the fantastic article. It was so well written and so accurately descriptive of (our organization) and the roles and services of our volunteers. Thank you!” – non-profit volunteer coordinator

Sandy, how can I thank you enough – you have captured the essence of what I do and why I do it without sounding the least bit sappy, condescending, evangelistic and all the other words I don’t like! You’ve said it so much better than I ever could… This simply couldn’t have been written better!” - non-profit founder

"These are the best questions I've ever seen from a journalist... ever. They reflect a real understanding of the topic. All in all, very thorough and very professional." - CEO of a financial branding company


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